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How to Work With Professional Photography Studios in Singapore

Having great corporate photos for your company can be the difference between consumers choosing your brand over your competitors. To make sure you will have the best photos possible, you will need to know how to work with professional photography studios in Singapore.

Shooting for your corporate photos is a task that requires a lot of skill and preparation. This means that it may be too overwhelming for your team to do this on their own. This is why working with professional photography studios is a much more viable option if you want to be assured of high quality corporate photos.

With professional photography studios, you will not have to worry about additional work and additional equipment that you are not experienced with. Photographers from these studios will handle everything that will be needed. They will make sure that all your corporate photos will come out great and ready for everyone to see.

What is Corporate Photography?

Corporate photography is all types of photography that is related to promoting a company’s product and services. With its main goals being selling and branding for businesses, corporate photography can use different subjects like buildings, facilities, products, and people.

However, these photos are not just for these two goals. These corporate photos also help with creatively displaying a more personal side to your business.

These professional photography studios can help you take corporate photos that will connect you with customers. These photos will also allow you to differentiate yourself from other companies.

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Why is Corporate Photography Important?

Corporate photos allow you to display an authentic visual representation of your company’s brand.

Corporate photos give you the opportunity to showcase all aspects of your company. They can feature your team, office, products, services, and events in an authentic way that is aligned with your branding.

This authenticity is important when it comes to forming a connection with your customers. With photos of your actual team, products, or events, people will get to see a real glimpse of your company. This is a lot more effective compared to just relying on stock photos.

Customers can get to know you more through corporate photos.

When potential customers visit your website or your social media pages, they want to learn more about your company. Providing high quality corporate photos taken by professional photography studios will help you address everything your customers want to know.

They will immediately have a solid grasp of your identity and what products or services you are offering when they see photos of your team, products, office, and events instead of generic stock photos.

The quality of corporate photos from professional photography studios is incomparable.

While you may consider taking corporate photos with smartphones or by your own team to save some money, you simply cannot beat the quality of photos by professional photographers.

Well-made corporate photos taken by professionals will guarantee you photos that are of the highest quality. These photos are suitable for all the necessary platforms that you have chosen to post on.

High quality corporate photos give your company a competitive edge.

High quality corporate photos help you stand out from the other competitors in your industry. They can make your company feel more unique and professional.

Your corporate photos will set the tone for your whole company. They also get to show potential customers that you are able to provide great products and services. If you value your company’s brand, you should hire the services of a professional photography studio to help you shoot amazing corporate photos.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Work With Professional Photography Studios in Singapore

1. Having well-made corporate photos taken by a photography studio allows your company to look more professional.

Having well-made corporate photos for your company will help to improve your image. Great photos display the credibility and professionalism that you have.

This credibility will lead to more consumers trusting and supporting you because you have presented yourselves as authentic and trustworthy.

Holding a photoshoot with the help of a professional photography studio in Singapore can already give you an advantage by presenting yourself as professional to consumers.

2. Professional photography studios can take photos which will help establish your company’s identity.

Providing corporate photos for your company is a vital part of communicating what your brand and identity is.

All of these photos should be uploaded and displayed on all important platforms. Some examples are your website, social media accounts, and other marketing platforms.

Great corporate photos establish your company’s identity and personality. They give consumers an idea of who you are as a business. Professional photographers will know how to make the best out of these photos to reflect this.

3. Photographers from professional photography studios are experienced.

Professional photographers from studios are already familiar with everything that is needed for different types of corporate photos.

They will know how to optimise every step and element needed. These include what kind of locations, lighting, poses, equipment, and editing to make your photos look outstanding.

They also know a lot about what kind of photos work best with what you are looking for and how to take them. Photographers from professional studios are aware of a lot of technical elements that clients may not be too familiar with like lighting or composition.

4. Photography studios will always have the best equipment ready for their photographers.

Professional photography studios will always have the best equipment for their photographers during a shoot. This includes cameras, lenses, flashes, tripods, and other important equipment.

They will have the best and the most appropriate equipment for the specific types of photos that you will need based on their research and past working experiences.

Having all this high quality equipment is crucial for photography studios and clients because they can be the difference between photos that are just good and amazing photos.

5. Professional photography studios will know how to give you and your team a great photoshoot experience.

When you hire the services of professional photography studios, you will not just be getting amazing corporate photos, but you will also have a pleasant photoshoot experience as well.

These professional photographers know how to create a sense of fun and energy during shoots. This makes you and your team more comfortable and relaxed while your photos are being taken.

It is important to make the photoshoot experience pleasant for everyone involved. This is because your emotions will be reflected in the photos that will be taken. Your team will look even happier in the photos if everyone is having a great time during the shoot.

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How to Look For the Best Professional Photography Studio in Singapore

1. Create clear branding goals and guidelines that will guide the photoshoot.

To begin the process of finding a photography studio to work with, you should first be able to set clear branding goals and guidelines which you will use as a basis for your photoshoot. This will help you and your photographers determine what you want to get out of the shoot.

It is important that you have sorted out all of these internally. This makes it easier for you to provide the photography studio with clear directions and objectives. This ensures that you will be on the same page all throughout the process of shooting.

The most important branding elements you have to communicate clearly to the photography studio are:

  • The identity of your brand (its voice, colors used, personality, styles)
  • Your target audience and their preferences
  • What you want your target audience to feel and remember from your corporate photos
  • Your unique selling point that separates your company from other competitors

Once you have finalized all of these internally and can clearly provide these guidelines to a photographer, you can easily figure out which studios you can work with for your photoshoot.

2. Become familiar with how professional photography studios price different types of photoshoot services.

If you are not familiar with how professional photography studios in Singapore price their services, it is best to read up on them and the different factors that go into how they are being priced.

You can also have a look at other photography services that they provide. These services can also be included in packages that you may be interested in.

3. Begin your research on potential photography studios that you want to work with.

You can begin your research on potential studios to work with by inquiring through your personal networks and connections. You can also start by searching for these studios online.

Doing a simple search on any search engine using queries like “professional photography studios”, “photography studios in Singapore”, or “photography studios near me” will already give you a lot of relevant options.

This is because the best professional photography studios have either placed ads for these keywords that people will usually search for when finding a photography studio or have great SEO performance which helps them rank well in search results.

Another way of searching for studios is by finding photography groups and groups similar to those to get suggestions from photography professionals and experts on the best studio for the photos that you will need.

It would be easier for you to gather as many options as possible. This gives you the opportunity to be more flexible in considering your options when you eventually decide on one.

4. Gather quotes from the photography studios that will work well with your objectives and budget.

This is the part where you should start gathering quotes from the studios that you are most interested in. These quotes give you a better idea of which studios or what services will work best for you based on how much you are willing to spend for the shoot.

This is when you have to decide what amount of value will be worth it for your photoshoot. Should you risk getting a more affordable but unproven studio to save some of your budget or should you spend a decent amount for a trustworthy and experienced studio with an excellent record?

5. Have a closer look at the photography portfolios of the photography studios.

Have a closer look at the photography portfolios of the studios you want to work with. Viewing their work, especially the more recent ones, will give you a better idea of how good they are and what type of photos they are great with.

Checking their work will show the variety and skill that you will need from them for your own photoshoot. It is best to also check if there is a certain type of corporate photos that they specialize in so you can work your photoshoot around that type of photo.

6. Search for relevant feedback from former clients of the studio.

It also helps to search for relevant feedback from clients who previously worked with these photography studios. If these studios have worked with a company that you already know about, this means that they know how to work with companies in your industry.

You should also look for other reviews so that you can check out the different positive or negative experiences clients faced when working with a specific photography studio. You should find out if these studios are helpful and cooperative during shoots.

7. Communicate often and establish a realistic timeline and clear expectations for the photoshoot.

Once you are on the verge of finalizing your choice for a professional photography studio in Singapore to work with, it is important to have constant communication with them to review all the important parts of the photoshoot.

All the details about the whole photoshoot process should be clear between yourself and the studio. It is crucial to coordinate on things like the duration, budget, editing and processing, and the delivery date.

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The Process of Corporate Photoshoots

1. Finalize all the important guidelines, objectives, and budget for the photoshoot with the professional photography studio you are working with.

It is important to meet up with your chosen photography studio as soon as possible to go over and finalize everything that needs to be noted for the photoshoot.

You should have a final run through of the guidelines and objectives that will guide you and your photographers when taking the corporate photos.

Some of the details that should be finalized are the type of photos you will need, where these photos will be posted, and the tone of the photos.

Once everything is sorted out and finalized, you should also finalize the budget of the shoot with the studio. The price will usually include the consultations, photography services, travel expenses, and editing services after the shoot.

2. Plan out the location and the schedule with the photography studio.

It is best to plan your photoshoot at least one to two weeks after your meet up. This gives you the chance to finalize all the details with the professional photography studio.

It can also help to provide sample photos for inspiration. Samples provide the photographers with a clearer idea of what type of corporate photos you are looking for.

If you will not shoot at a studio, you will also have to think about whether you want to shoot at an indoor location or an outdoor location. However, if you decide to shoot at the studio provided by the photographers, you may get a more affordable price since they will not have to travel.

3. Make all the final preparations needed before the actual photoshoot.

Once the schedules and locations of the photoshoot are set, you have to plan out the final preparations needed. This makes the whole process of shooting run as smoothly and as organised as possible.

It is important for you to send out reminders for everyone on your internal team and to the photographers that will work on the shoot one day before it begins.

Preparing a shot list with your photographers will also be helpful for everyone on the shoot. Shot lists are an organised summary of the order of shots that need to be taken. These shot lists are important for all types of corporate photos.

4. Let the photoshoot take place.

On the day of the photoshoot, it is important for the photography team and some people from your own team to come in earlier to set everything up and check where all the equipment can be set up.

Your team can coordinate with the photographers to decide which areas will work best for setting up the lighting, tripods, cameras, and other necessary equipment. Setting up all the equipment for the shoot will usually take around 30 minutes.

When the photoshoot is taking place, it is vital that you allot a certain amount of time for each subject whether it is a person or a product that you are shooting. This makes everything more organised and can help avoid any delays during shooting.

5. Coordinate with the professional photography studio on selecting the final pictures to edit and retouch.

Once the photoshoot has finished, you will be able to immediately find and select all the photos that you like. After this, the photography studio can mark it for further retouching and editing later on.

6. Receive the final edits of your chosen photos from the photography studio.

The typical process of retouching to finalize all the photos you selected may take one to two weeks, depending on how many photos are part of the package you purchased.

When the photography studio is done with retouching and finalizing everything, you can receive the photos either by being sent physical copies of them or by being sent the photo files through the internet via email, DropBox, or other file sharing platforms.

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The 3 Main Types of Corporate Photography That Studios in Singapore Can Shoot For You

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography shines a spotlight on people. Whether these photos will be used as corporate headshots or for family photos, portrait photos allow you to show off people at their best.

Taking portrait photos can be challenging for those that are not experienced with it. There are a lot of intricacies involved in the whole process that photographers need to be aware of.

Professional photography studios will know about important factors like equipment, location, posing, backgrounds and many more when it comes to portrait photography. If you want to learn more about portrait photography, you can read this article: All You Need to Know About Portrait Photography in Singapore.

Event Photography

Event photography involves photographers who have to take various shots all throughout an event in Singapore. These photos show different emotions and reactions of people and highlight the important parts of a specific event.

These event photographers are professional photographers who are equipped with all the equipment, experience, skills, and creativity to properly capture the emotions and memories in all types of events.

They are used to working in fast-paced environments where they have to make quick decisions and responses to adjust to their clients. These changes can include the environment, lighting, or a change in event agendas or programs. If you want to learn more about event photography, you can read this article: All You Need to Know About Event Photography in Singapore.

Product Photography

Product photography is a type of commercial photography where professional photographers will take shots of a company’s products. These photos can be used for a variety of platforms like for an eCommerce website.

This type of photography allows you to present your products in the most attractive and realistic way so that you can attract potential customers.

Shooting and creating these high quality product photos requires a lot of skill and preparation. There are a lot of different factors that go into these photos like lighting, backgrounds, sets, and styles.

If you want to learn more about product photography, you can read these two articles: Product Photography Singapore: How to Create Product Photos That Sell and How to Boost Your eCommerce Business Sales with Product Photography.


As long as you know how to work with professional photography studios.You will be assured of great corporate photos that will help you achieve your company’s goals.

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