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Corporate Headshots: All You Need to Arrange a Successful Photoshoot

Crafting your brand image is a crucial part of your business. How people see your business is an important factor when deciding if they want to buy your products. One of the best ways to establish a strong brand image is by providing appealing corporate headshots for all of your employees.

To create the best corporate headshots, you will need to arrange a productive and successful photoshoot. This may be challenging for some businesses as there are a lot of factors that go into organising and arranging your corporate headshot photoshoot.

However, this article will be a guide to make sure that it will be easier for you to arrange a successful photoshoot.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Photography Studio to Shoot Your Corporate Headshots

Since you will want to have your corporate headshots to be of the highest quality possible, you will need the help of a professional photography studio to achieve this. Here are 4 reasons why you should hire a photography studio:

1. These professional studios have experienced photographers.

Working with a professional photography studio means that you will work with experienced photographers for your photoshoot. They are already familiar with everything that you will need for your headshots.

Experienced photographers will already know the best locations, lighting, and editing to use to make sure that your photos will look as best as they can be for your business.

They are also knowledgeable on what types of photos that will work best with the corporate headshots that you are looking for and how to take them.

These photographers are aware of a lot of factors that inexperienced clients may not notice on photos like composition or lighting.

2. The best photography studios are always ready with the right equipment for a photoshoot.

Photography studios will always include photographers that have the best cameras, lenses, flashes, and other necessary equipment that will be best suited for the type of corporate headshots you want for your business.

When you want to have corporate headshots that make you and your colleagues look their best, it will require high quality equipment to make it happen.

Having the best and the right equipment always available for a shoot can be the difference between your corporate headshots that are decent and corporate headshots that are amazing.

3. Experienced photographers from a studio know how to give people a great experience while taking their corporate headshots.

Photography studios will not just let you work with photographers who have the best equipment and take great photos, but these photographers will also give you a pleasant photoshoot experience as well.

These professional photographers can help create a sense of excitement, fun, and even calmness during your shoots to make everyone feel comfortable and pleasant while taking their corporate headshots.

It is important to make the photoshoot experience as great as it can be because the emotions and feelings of the subjects during the shoot will be reflected in the photos that they will have. So, if you are having a great time, then you will all look even better in your corporate headshots.

4. With photography studios, you will have consistent high-quality photos from photographers.

Since you will be hiring these photographers for your photoshoot, they will be invested in your satisfaction with the corporate headshots of you and your colleagues.

You are their client and they will observe a high level of professionalism that is needed to take great corporate headshots and to create a great photoshoot experience for you.

You will be assured that these professional photographers will consistently take great corporate headshots because they possess the skills, experience, and commitment to do their best for their clients.

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How to Look for the Best Professional Photography Studio to Work With

Now that you are more aware of how important photography studios are for a successful corporate headshot photoshoot, here is how you can look for the best studio to work with:

1. Create clear branding guidelines and goals for your photoshoot.

The process of finding the best photography studio to work with begins with creating clear branding guidelines and goals that you want to achieve with your corporate headshots. This will help photographers focus on what type of look and feel the headshots will have.

Providing them with the direction you want will make sure that you will both be on the same page all throughout the photoshoot. Some of the things you should clear up with the photography studio will be:

  • The company’s brand identity (tone, personality, voice, colors, styles)
  • Who your target audience is and what their preferences are
  • What you want your target audience to feel and remember when they see your corporate headshots
  • How you want to separate yourselves from your competitors

When you can provide all of these guidelines to a photographer, you can easily find out if they will be able to help you achieve the goals for your corporate headshot photoshoot.

2. Learn more about how photography studios price their corporate headshot services.

If you are not completely familiar with how photography studios price their corporate headshot prices, it is best to learn more about them and the pricing factors for typical photoshoots.

You should also look up if they have other services that they offer which you would also want to include for your corporate headshots.

3. Begin your research on potential photography studios.

You can now begin your research on the potential studios that you would want to work with. You can start looking for these studios by inquiring through your own personal networks and connections or by searching online.

Typing in a simple search query like “photography studios near me” can already give you a lot of relevant options. This is because a lot of great photography studios either have great SEO performance or have placed ads for similar keywords.

Another way of looking for a studio is by finding photography groups or groups that cover a similar topic to get suggestions from professionals on the best photography studios for corporate headshots.

It is important to gather as many studio options as possible so that you can have a lot of flexibility in deciding who you want to work with when you have to eventually decide on one studio.

4. Gather quotes from the studios that may work best for you.

At this point, you should be able to gather quotes from the studios that may work best for the photoshoot of your corporate headshots. This gives you a gauge of which studios will be the best while also considering how much you are willing to spend.

This is when you must decide on what amount of value for your budget will be worth it for the photoshoot. Will it be worth it for your company to risk getting an affordable but unproven studio or should you shell out a decent amount to a proven studio that has an excellent record.

5. Take an in-depth look at their portfolios for corporate headshots.

You should now have an in-depth look into the photography portfolios of  the studios that you are interested in. Viewing their previous work, especially their most recent ones and their corporate headshot photoshoots, should give you a better understanding of how good their services are.

While viewing their previous work, you should see their skill and reliability through their photos which you will need for your own corporate headshots.

6. Find feedback from former clients of the photography studio.

It is also valuable for you to do a bit of research on which clients have hired these photography studios previously. If they have worked with a company you know of, this means that they already have previous experience working with companies in your industry.

Reviews and general feedback are also important for you to note so that you can immediately check on what experiences clients have had with a specific photography studio. You should want to find out if they were cooperative and productive with previous clients.

7. Communicate often and set a timeline and clear expectations heading into the corporate headshot photoshoot.

Once you have finalized your decision for which photography studio you want to work with, it is crucial that you will constantly communicate and engage with them so that you can go over everything about your corporate headshots.

All the important information should be clear in regards to all the details needed about the entire photoshoot process. You should coordinate on how long the shoot will take, how much time will be needed to process the photos, and when the photos can become available, among other things.

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What Should Be Prepared For Your Corporate Headshots

Once you are able to find the best photography studio to work with, here are 5 important factors that should be prepared by the studio for your corporate headshot photoshoot:

1. Cameras

When it comes to corporate headshots, and just photography in general, the camera will obviously be the most important piece of equipment needed for the whole photoshoot.

When it comes to what high-end professional camera to use, you can never really go wrong with any of them. The differences will come down to how these cameras will be used for a shoot.

There will be a lot of different camera options based on budget. There are entry-level budget options like the Canon EOS Rebel T6i that includes a 24.2 megapixel APS-C sensor and a 19-point autofocus system.

You can also look at hybrid options for beginners or professionals like the Nikon D810 which has a 36.3 megapixel full-frame sensor. However, if you are looking for a top-of-the-line option, then you should check out the Canon EOS 5DSr because it has an impressive 50.6 megapixel sensor and a 3.2 inch display.

Your photographer’s choice of camera can also depend on what style of corporate headshots that you will want. Take note of what you are looking for so that photographers will know what camera to use for your photoshoot.

2. Camera Lenses

A Camera’s lens is another important piece of equipment which is needed to get the best photos. Just like with choosing cameras, there is no such thing as the best lens. Your photographer will decide on what type of lens will fit best with the type of corporate headshots that you want.

For example, it is more suitable to use a wide-angle lens if you want your shots to include the background and scenery as an important part of the photo.

A medium telephoto lens like 85mm or 105mm can be used to help you find a balance between the background and the subject of the photo. However, if you want your headshots to be tighter with the focus specifically on the subject, you can use a 70-200mm f/2.8 telephoto lens.

3. Shoot Location

Your chosen location for your corporate headshot photoshoot will have a significant impact on how your final output will turn out. Your two main options will either be shooting indoors or outdoors.

Shooting your photos outdoors means you will rely on natural light. This can give great results but might also limit some poses. You would need to focus on planning a lot more for an outdoor shoot based on things like the weather and time because the lighting and conditions will change as the day progresses.

When shooting indoors, you will have a lot more control over how you can set up and how you can take photos. For this option, the lighting has to be set up to match the mood of your corporate headshots.

4. Background

While the subject of the photo will always be the focus in a corporate headshot, there are other elements that can add to it. Sometimes, an appealing background can add a deeper emotional layer to the photo that can make the subject stand out even more.

However, in a lot of cases, blurring the background correctly can provide a stronger emphasis to the subject in the headshot. So, it is important to check how the background will turn out and to adjust the camera settings accordingly.

5. Lighting

Lighting is a crucial factor for a photographer and for a corporate headshot photoshoot. Professional photographers will be familiar with the best lighting angles to show off their subjects in the best way.

For a fully lit headshot, it is easier to stand directly facing a light source. You can also creatively use the sun as a light source for an outdoor shoot which can produce great results.

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How You Should Communicate During the Shoot For Your Corporate Headshots

Now that you know all about everything that needs to be prepared for the photoshoot, here is how you should communicate with your photographer during the shoot for your corporate headshots:

1. Set clear expectations and objectives with the photography studio.

Make sure that you will be able to have conversations with your chosen photography studio about your expectations and objectives of your corporate headshots before the photoshoot begins.

To do this effectively, it is vital for you to be comfortable with the photographers you will be working with by meeting up and discussing every important element of your corporate headshot photoshoot.

Here are some questions you should answer so that the photographers will have a better understanding of what you want out of your shoot:

  • How are the photos going to be used?
  • Which members of your team will have their corporate headshots taken?
  • Is there a personal preference for what backgrounds or locations to use?

Once you are able to have a more open and fluid discussion, you can now be able to provide more valuable information that can help the photographers out.

2. Constantly communicate with the photographers during the shoot.

It is natural to be a bit nervous once you are able to finally meet with your photographers for your shoot. That is why, right before the shoot starts, it is important that you should spend some time again talking with the photographers.

You can also use this time to update them on newer requests or to just remind them of what you want to get from the photoshoot. This chat can help the photographers establish the tone and mood of the photoshoot session.

When the photographers are trying to communicate with you and your team, remember to reply back and answer their questions so that you can help each other out in easing any kind of nerves or tension during the shoot.

3. Let the photographers give people encouragement and positive feedback throughout the shoot.

Usually, what happens often during photoshoots is that the best pictures are taken near the end of the day. There can be a lot of factors that affect this, but a big factor has to do with being more comfortable with the photographers once you have had more time to spend with them.

Professional photographers can help you relax even more by encouraging you and giving positive feedback while taking your corporate headshots. This can help boost and build your confidence as time goes on.

You can also occasionally ask the photographer to show off some of the photos so they can say how well the headshots are turning out and how great you look in them.

4. Do not forget to chime in with your own ideas and suggestions as well.

Remember that you can also comment on your own ideas and suggestions that may work to your photographers once you are comfortable talking to them.

Since you and your team members have a better idea of how your body looks in certain angles or views, you all should be open in communicating what poses will look best for your corporate headshots.


4 Tips to Remember During the Corporate Headshot Photoshoot

Now that you know how to communicate with photographers during a corporate headshot photoshoot, here are 4 tips to remember for the important elements of the shoot:

1. Subject

For corporate headshots, the photo should always focus on the subject. The subject is the most important aspect of the whole shoot and it is essential that you and your team are comfortable throughout the whole photoshoot session.

It would be best to get to know more about the photographers during shooting and to clarify what you are both looking for in the photoshoot. You can discuss your ideas and preferences so that the shoot can run as smoothly as possible.

2. Pose

Figuring out the best poses that will make you and your team’s corporate headshots look the best can be a unique experience because of how different each person is.

Your photographers will help you figure out how you can pose in a way that will complement your appearance while also factoring in lighting, background, and camera angles.

You can work out with your photographers to try out different combinations of angles and poses to get the best pose for your headshot. Once you have found a good pose, you can always make subtle changes to make it look even better in the final photo.

3. Expressions

For your corporate headshots, it is all about finding the best expressions that are suited to the tone that you are looking for. However, trying to bring out these emotions is not an easy task because you want to avoid blank stares and forced smiles.

To capture great corporate headshots that look genuine and be an accurate reflection of their personality, the subjects need to have a confident expression and a genuine smile for their photos.

4. Editing and Post-Processing

While the process of taking the corporate headshots is obviously essential, another important task that has to be done after this is properly editing and retouching these photos. These retouches help make you and your colleagues look as good as you can be.

Photography studios will know how to elevate your photos and add a finished and more complete feel for your corporate headshots with their impressive editing skills.


As long as you take note of all these important tips and elements that you will need for your corporate headshots, you will have an easy time arranging a successful photoshoot for your company.

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