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Things You Should Know About Corporate Photography in Singapore

As a company in Singapore, it is critical for you to visualize your brand identity to your potential customers. To achieve this, you must have visually appealing photos that can effectively communicate what your company is about. If you need help taking great photos for your company, you can look for businesses that offer corporate photography in Singapore to help you out. Even if this will be an additional expense for your company, this will yield a great return for you.

Having a professional photography team to guide you through your corporate photoshoot will be well worth the investment compared to just trying to risk doing the photoshoot with your own employees who are not professional photographers just to save money.

Corporate photography has become an essential part of a business’s brand because having the best corporate photos that accurately reflect your brand identity will help separate you from your competitors. For a potential customer, the decision to choose your company over another may boil down to how much better the quality of your photos are in all your marketing and brand materials.

Here are some things you should know about corporate photography in Singapore and how it can help your company:

What is Corporate Photography

First things first, you need to know what corporate photography actually is:

Corporate photography is a broad term that covers all photography used for promoting a company’s brand, product, and service. It focuses on businesses and their needs.

studio setup for corporate photography

Corporate photography provides photos that can be used in a lot of different materials that can be used internally (within the company) and externally (visible to the public).

Internal materials that can use photos from corporate photography:

  • Quarterly or Annual reports
  • Internal newsletters
  • Employee directories
  • Company training videos

External materials that can use photos from corporate photography:

  • Company events and conferences
  • Print materials
  • Online advertisements
  • TV advertisements
  • Company website
  • E-Commerce site
  • Social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.)
  • Industry conventions and shows

Why is Corporate Photography important?

Corporate photography sets the visual tone for your company’s brand identity.

These photos will tell a lot to your customers, clients, and investors about the culture and people of your company. Having great corporate photos allows you to display the quality of the products or services that you offer.

product photoshoot

You can also use these corporate photos as a visual blueprint for everyone in the company to adhere to the values and identity that your company promotes.

When you have effectively established your brand identity in a visual manner, it becomes a lot more effortless to align your brand identity with your future marketing materials and campaigns. The consistent visual reference you will have from your corporate photos will help implant your brand into any idea you may come up with.

What Types of Photos Corporate Photography Companies in Singapore Provide?

These are the most common photos that corporate photography can provide:

  1. Product or Service Photography
  2. Professional Headshots
  3. Real Estate and Premises Photos
  4. Event Photos and Documentation

1. Product or Service Photography

Hiring a corporate photography team to shoot high-quality product or service photos can make these stand out even more. You can post these on brochures, your website, your social media accounts, advertisements, and many more.


Presenting your products or your service at a high-quality is a great way to show your brand as something legitimate because of your ability to produce distinct photos that highlight them.

Having eye-catching photos of your products and services will definitely bring more eyes to your business which can eventually lead to more inquiries and an increase in sales.

2. Professional Headshots

Corporate photographers can also take professional headshots for your company’s employees. You can use these photos for your website and also on your office directory.

business photo

It’s a great idea to photograph and post employee headshots as this adds a human element to your company.

Are you a company that likes to call itself creative and casual? Then you can have more easygoing and playful headshots to portray that personality. However, if your company is more on the corporate side, you should reflect that with serious-looking headshots of your office and employees.

3. Real Estate and Premises Photos

Singapore is a beautiful country with wonderful locations and you should take advantage of this by utilizing corporate photography to accentuate the appearance of your office and its surrounding areas.

architecture photo

If you are proud of your office space, then why would you not want to reveal it to everyone? For some people, seeing an office that is delightful to them could be the deciding factor for them to either apply for your company or avail of your product or service.

Having professionally-shot photos of your office’s interior and exterior is a great way of adding more character to your company. These photos can help your customers connect more to you.

4. Event Photos and Documentation

You can have photos taken during events and conferences. By documenting these, you can use them for your company’s newsletters, videos, and you can post them on your website.

event photo

Having a corporate photography team to document your biggest events is a great way to show your company’s milestones. Great documentation makes you look more credible to potential customers.

Statistics for Corporate Photography in Singapore

Here are some statistics on the effectiveness of using using corporate photography to help your company:

How to Hire the Best Corporate Photography Studios in Singapore

Want to know what is the good way of hiring the best corporate photography studio in Singapore? Just follow these recommended steps to get the best corporate photography for your company:

  1. Set clear goals and guidelines for your corporate photoshoot
    • You must use the goals and guidelines of your photoshoot to steer your decisions on choosing the best corporate photography studio for your company. You should be clear and direct with what you want to achieve with the photoshoot sessions.
  1. Learn more about photography pricing
    • If you’re not familiar with photography pricing, it’s best to read up on how corporate photography studios price their services. You should also look into what other services and insurances are included in the packages that a corporate photography studio will include.
  1. Start researching on corporate photography studios
    • Start looking for potential studios either through searching online or inquiring through the networks that you have. Try to gather as many studios as possible so you can have more options when you ultimately decide on which one.
photo studio
  1. Gather quotes from potential studios
    • Inquire and gather quotes from studios that you are considering for your photoshoot to gauge on which ones you can afford.

Do you think you can risk getting an affordable yet unproven team or do you want to shell out a decent amount of cash to a studio that has been proven to be trustworthy? You have to make the call to decide what amount of value will be worth it for your company.

  1. Take a deep dive into their portfolio
    • Dive deep into their portfolio, especially their most recent works. Their previous work should give you a better idea of how good their photography is.

Check if they have specialized in a certain type of photography so you can probably work your photoshoot around their specialty. Make sure that their portfolio shows variety and skill so you can be able to shoot different types of photos that you need.

camera equipment
  1. Identify their former clients
    • Research on which clients hired them previously. It would be essential to see if there are trusted and well-known companies that worked with them.

If they have previously worked with companies that you are familiar with, then that is a good sign for you. You would not want to risk hiring a photography studio that has no experience working with companies in your industry.

  1. Look for reviews from former clients to check reputation
    • Try finding reviews from their former clients to find out if any of these clients had a positive experience or a negative experience with the studio regarding their working relationship.

Were they cooperative throughout the whole shoot? Were the insights and tips that they provided helpful? Did the photography team make the employees as comfortable as possible? These are some of the things that would be important to find out from the past experiences of former clients.

  1. Have engaging discussions during your consultations with the studio you’re choosing to review everything
    • When you are close to choosing or have chosen a studio, it is important to be in constant communication with the studio to review everything about the photoshoot.

Everything should be clear about the whole photoshoot process. You should coordinate on how long the shoot will take, how much time is needed to process all the photos, when the photos can become available among other things.

What is the Usual Process for Corporate Photography in Singapore

  1. Finalize all information and details of the photoshoot to corporate photography team
    • Before the photoshoot itself, it’s important to finalize and relay all the information the photography team needs.

They need to know what equipment they need, how much equipment to bring, the locations to be used, where the photos will be posted, how many people will be involved, and a lot of other important details even after the photoshoot itself.

  1. Organize a shot list (what order, what location, which people)
    • To make the photoshoot as organized as possible, there must be a shot list which provides the order of shots to be taken along with the location and who or what the subjects will be. Having a shot list makes the flow of work a lot smoother for everyone.

Everyone has to make the most out of their time because you are setting aside almost all of your work for these photoshoots and you cannot afford to spend more time than what you allocated for.

  1. Let the corporate photography studio perform the photoshoot
    • Once everything is organized and ready, the photography team can now perform all the shots needed by the company. Communication during the shoot is key so that each photo still reflects the guidelines the company set for the photoshoot.

Make sure that everybody and everything is ready for the photoshoot, especially when it comes to their outfits, makeup, and anything else that is needed.

  1. Include details that are important to your target audience
    • Whatever your business is, it is important to include details or elements that your target audience finds important or valuable.

For example, you can put your product in the background of some photos or if you have an iconic uniform associated with your company, you can wear it for your headshots. These may be small details but may mean a lot to everyone that respects your company.

  1. Coordinate and review with corporate photography team about which shots your company will take and use
    • While it may take a while for the team to process all the photos they took, you must be available to coordinate with them once they are ready for viewing. You must be clear when it comes to choosing which photos your company wants to use.

It is important to have more than one person choose your photos so that you can have different insights from different departments on what photos will look the best for the different types of materials you have.

How Should You Prepare for Your Corporate Headshot?

A corporate headshot is one of the most common types of photos that corporate photography can provide. It is important for your company and the photography team to get your headshots right because these will reflect your brand’s identity.

preparing for corporate photoshoot

Here’s how you can prepare for it:

Posture – Your body language has to convey qualities that are appropriate for your profession. You must be confident and self-assured while also displaying a glimpse of your own personality.

Outfit – What you are wearing for your corporate headshot will be a significant symbol of what your company’s personality is about. Your company should think about whether you should be wearing something similar to your typical office attire or something that is more professional. It all depends on what type of identity your company wants to portray and your outfit is an important factor for that identity.

Location – You must consider where you want to take your headshot. Would it be better suited inside or outside your office? What would be more fitting for your company or its product or service?

Company Details – A headshot can be a good way to represent your company in a more unique way. You can have your headshot taken near your company’s logo or incorporate your company’s colors into your outfit. Any subtle way to represent your company can be an effective way of adding more personality to your headshot.

Best Corporate Photography Practices That You Should Note

Set your guidelines and goals for the photoshoot as soon as possible

Having clear guidelines and goals to work with will become a good base for all the decisions you must make with regards to your corporate photography.

Not having clear guidelines and goals may lead to a lot of unnecessary shots or wasted time due to confusion on which shots to take. Be clear so that everything can be organized.

Establish the desired style

Once you have decided on a certain style, make sure to keep it consistent throughout all the photos that are being taken. It is much easier for your customers to notice what style or identity you are going for if all your materials are consistent.

Consistency is key when it comes to branding for your company. Your customers will easily remember your product or service and your brand as long you are consistent with your design choices in your photos.

Offer visual examples

Provide visual examples to the corporate photography team so that they can easily envision what you want your photos to look like.

Showing photos that have a similar visual style to what you want would make the photography team’s job a lot easier. Having visual examples at the ready is a lot easier than just trying to talk about what you want your photos to look like.

Communicate regularly

Communication is key, whether it is before, during, or after the photoshoot process. The photography team will have a complete understanding of what your company wants if you speak with them about everything.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Corporate Photography in Singapore

How long should a typical corporate photoshoot session last?

Depending on your requirements and different factors, a corporate photoshoot can last anywhere between 20 minutes and 2 hours. If it is too short, we might end up with mediocre portraits that you may not like at all. Anything longer can be disastrous and too expensive. 

What is the typical price range for corporate photography services in Singapore?

Corporate photography price rates are defined at the point of consultation and could vary largely on the amount of headshots, styles and level of edits needed. Delivery deadline would also play a huge factor in the price. If you like an Instant Quote, speak to us at fewStones directly or fill up the form.

How long does it normally take for corporate photography studios to process and edit all photos?

The range of timeline could take within 3 working days or 10 working days, with regards to the number of revisions and styles you have. If you have a hard deadline, let us know and we will be able to reach your goal.

How does a company normally receive their chosen photo files from the corporate photography studio?

Your photos would be presented to you via an online link. At an additional cost, printed copies of the final versions are also available.

If you’re interested in having corporate photography for your company in Singapore, you can inquire about it with our company, fewStones. We are a company based in Singapore that is ready to provide our corporate photography services to you. Our team can guide you through the whole process from ideation to final edit. Get an instant quote now!

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