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7 Examples of Great Legacy Videos

Legacy videos may not be as common as other more commercial video types that brands and content creators produce. However, they can be just as important for the targeted audience. The best legacy videos can perfectly preserve a person or a family’s history in a way that isn’t possible through just pictures and text. It is an emotional video that a loved one’s family will cherish for a lifetime. To make sure you create the best legacy videos, you will need to view the best examples. This article will cover 7 examples of great legacy videos.

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7 Great Examples of Legacy Videos

1. Uncle Mike

Uncle Mike is a legacy video that allows the Rosen family to share stories about their family members who migrated to the United States from Lithuania. This is one of the best examples of legacy videos that puts a spotlight on one person.

What also makes this video great is the free-flowing conversations the family has while filming. It just looks like they are all speaking naturally and just telling stories in front of the camera.

The production also makes use of three cameras since they wanted to do close-up shots when someone is speaking and then also use shots of all the family members together in the table.

Video Link:

2. All the World’s a stage…

Matthew O’Sullivan is an actor, director, and writer who has worked in New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom. He has his own legacy video which is fittingly entitled “All the World’s a Stage”.

As a natural performer, he does an incredible job of telling the story of his life from his childhood until his experience as an actor. Another interesting technique used in this legacy video is visually displaying the questions on screen before he answers them.

The way he talks and shares his experiences make him more entertaining compared to those that are not used to speaking in front of the camera. This is one of the best examples of an interviewee that is comfortable and charming in his legacy video.

Video Link:

3. The Afghan Blanket Tradition In Our Family

While blankets may not mean much for a lot of people, Afghan blankets have a lot of significance and importance to Syrian and Lebanese families.

The subject of the video had a difficult time parting with a lot of her family’s Afghan blankets until she found a generous and selfless way of donating these to families in Syria.

It is a touching story and project which allows their family to support those that come from their same heritage through donating these Afghan blankets.

Video Link:

4. Legacy Video: Bryan McClelland

This legacy video made for Bryan McClelland lets him share all of his stories about his life, family, and childhood.

This gives younger audiences a colourful and detailed perspective on how life was during the 1950’s and the 1960’s. He talks about the issues and topics that were commonly talked about during that time like the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War.

What makes this video one of the best examples of legacy videos is that it does a great job of letting Bryan speak on his own. Since he was a teacher, he was able to speak comfortably in front of the camera and just tell his stories organically and sincerely.

Video Link:

5. Mel’s Great Adventure

Mel’s Great Adventure is one of the most unique examples of legacy videos out there. It features Mel who is the subject of the video while she is battling advanced cancer.

Even as she was in the hospital bed for her medical treatment, she was still willing to share her story to the video production team so that she can inspire hope to others who may be in similar situations.

This legacy video incorporates a lot of high-quality photos and even includes other video footage like drone shots and shots of her other family members.

Video Link:

6. Linda’s Legacy Video

Linda Bryant’s legacy video talks about what she and her family experienced during the 1940’s and the 1950’s. She talks about her experiences in her childhood and her experiences as a nurse during that time.

This is one of the great examples of legacy videos which acts as an autobiography of the subject that is being interviewed. She talks about all the lessons she learned by being a veteran nurse who has handled a lot of patients.

Video Link:

7. A Pilgrimage to Italy

A Pilgrimage to Italy is one of the best examples of legacy videos with a higher budget and production. It doesn’t just feature interviews and old footage and photos, it follows Tony Scappaticci through areas in Italy that are important to his family’s history.

It is a great way to not just tell but also show the places that are significant to the history of their family. Visiting the actual church where his parents got married in Italy and asking him questions there makes for a more emotional and moving interview.

If you have a higher budget that you can work with, it can be a great idea to physically visit the places that are important to your family’s history and conduct some interviews there.

Video Link:

After seeing all of these great legacy video examples, you may now be inspired to have one for your family members. This is your opportunity to leave a lasting legacy so that future generations will always remember the stories and experiences that your loved ones experienced.

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