Treasure the gift of lifetime memories with Legacy Videos Production.

Are you looking to make a memorable legacy video? fewStones can help you with crafting a high-quality, compelling legacy video. We are based in Singapore and have been creating videos for over 11 years!
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Types of Legacy Videos

  • Retirement – Honour a superior or an employee for all the years of service in your company
  • Graduation – Celebrate this great milestone by highlighting the graduands efforts
  • Anniversary – Share the legacy of a company’s success or a couple’s wedding anniversary
  • Birth – Document the life-changing birth of a new member of the family
  • Death – Grieve by highlighting the wonderful life of a loved one who passed away

How the legacy video production process works

  1. Content – First, we collect old photos, memorabilias and videos that can trigger happy memories. We gather compelling interviews from relevant people. 

  2. Customisation – Based on what the goal of the legacy video is, our team will put together all the details and deliver an effective storytelling that highlights the legacy of a person or a company.

  3. Distribution – Our team will produce a video that is ready for viewing and distribution. Some clients prefer crowd viewing especially on anniversary celebrations or funeral wakes. Some also require videos ready to be passed on to many individuals for personal viewing.
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What is a legacy video?

A Legacy Video is a memoir that narrates the stories of a company, a loved one or the entire family through film or recorded audio interviews. The interviews are added to and woven in with photographs, documents, maps, and other items of memorabilia. Music, titles, chapters, and more are included throughout. It’s a stunning “moving portrait” that captures a wonderful story through their words.

Why create legacy videos?

By creating legacy videos, you can immortalize the achievements made by a person or a company. A legacy video is an excellent way to share stories and experiences which connect people for a lifetime. Through legacy videos, you can pass on the wisdom and the legacy from generations to generations.

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Why choose fewStones for legacy video production

Established in Singapore in 2011, fewStones is a leading video production agency trusted by more than 400 clients from start-ups to very large organisations.

fewStones has been creating videos since 2014 and has developed its proprietary technology on After Effects, also available under the Veeroll brand.

fewStones is the only agency in Singapore to combine a creative team for video production with a technical team for compelling legacy videos.

FAQs about Legacy Videos Production

A Legacy Video includes whatever you wish to have. There is no right way to keep a loved one’s legacy, a company’s achievement, or a family’s history and stories. This is the reason why Legacy Video offers such a unique appeal!

For many years, making a legacy video was a luxury that few people could afford. Most companies charge from $7000 to $15,000 and it doesn’t include travel costs.

A legacy video usually lasts fof 3 minutes or less. But, depending on the client’s request, it may be longer to include more testimonials.

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