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10 Best Tips to Create Impactful Legacy Videos

Legacy videos are a perfect way to immortalise your loved ones. These videos allow you to preserve their own history, memories, and achievements that they had during their eventful life. Since this type of video needs to do the subject justice, you will need to make sure these videos are satisfactory for the subject and their family. There is a lot of pressure for the video team to produce an emotional and moving video. This article will cover the 10 best tips that your video team will need to follow so that they can create impactful legacy videos.

legacy video photos

10 Best Tips to Create Impactful Legacy Videos

1. Set your goals for the legacy videos

One of the most crucial tips to follow before starting the process for legacy videos is to set its goals. Know what type of story they want to be told and figure out what type of questions prompts can give you that story.

Having a goal in mind to start the whole process will make it easier for you to determine what stories and what content will be vital for the legacy video. This makes you and your team more focused with what information you will keep during filming and during editing.

2. Learn more about the intended audience of these legacy videos

Learning about the intended audience of a legacy video is important to make sure that the story and experiences that are shared by the subject in the video will be relevant to the audience as well.

If it is a large celebration with a lot of guests, you should consider having more general questions and stories. While if it is just for an intimate gathering with immediate family, you can make the subject talk about more personal memories that only their closest members know about.

3. Bring the appropriate gear that is needed for a long video shoot

The video team will need to make sure that they bring the appropriate gear that they will need for a long shoot. Usually legacy videos will contain a large amount of interviews which will take a lot of time to film.

Make sure that you are able to set how long your cameras record, bring a tripod so that no one needs to hold the camera for a long time. You should also make sure that your camera’s battery is charged and that you have a lot of back-up batteries as well.

4. Create an outline based on what you want the story to look like

Preparing an outline before filming gives you and your team a clearer picture of how you want the story to flow. This makes it easier to craft questions and to know how to transition from one experience to the next.

Using an outline also makes it a lot easier for the editors as they will have a basis on how to structure all of the interview footage, photos, and b-roll footage footage to maximise the impact of your legacy videos.

5. Film in a room where you can use your own consistent lighting

It is important that you get consistent lighting on all of your interview footage. Film in a room that allows you to use your own consistent lighting and that blocks any natural light. This is one of the most important tips you should follow when filming your legacy videos.

Relying on natural light is difficult because it changes as trees sway and as the sunlight and clouds drift as the day passes. This can be seen especially during interviews that may take long hours. Use your own lights so that they will be consistent all throughout the video.

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6. Be aware of what is on the background of the interviewee’s frame while filming

Being aware of the background of the shots you are using for the subject is important as an unappealing background might distract viewers. Try to set up a good background which can involve a plain wall or you can also include a few family photos as well.

Make sure that the background is not distracting and does not have any reflections which can make the video team visible. The focus should always be on the subject during their interview.

7. Make sure to have a questionnaire ready and to stick to it

Prepare a questionnaire that is based on the goals and outlines that you set. This will make it easier for the stories to flow in the right order and for you to control the conversations if there are any detours.

This will make the conversations feel more natural with the subject which will make their answers more honest and authentic. This is great as it will make the legacy video feel more real and emotional.

8. Give the interviewee enough time to answer the questions

When conducting the interviews, it is important that you give the subject enough time to answer the questions. Bear with the long pauses because they are simply trying to remember everything important that they want to share.

The video team has to be patient with the time to answer questions since most of the interviewees will not be used to answering and sharing their memories directly in front of a camera.

9. Edit out unnecessary content

It is completely common and understandable for subjects to trail off or go off topic when sharing their experiences. Even though interview shoots may last somewhere between 2 to 3 hours, you will realistically only use about 1 and a half hours worth of content.

Edit out footage that isn’t necessary and doesn’t fit with the theme or the narrative that you want the video to talk about. This will make sure that everyone remains interested in the video from start to end.

10. Incorporate b-roll photos and videos to supplement the stories being told

Relying solely on the interview footage all throughout the legacy video will not make it as engaging as it can be for the viewers. You should find items, photos, and videos that can supplement the subject’s stories.

Showcasing sentimental items like jewellery, clothes, furniture, postcards, letters along with home photos and videos are a perfect way to add character and context while the interviewee is telling stories. It is important to include these while editing because they are great for adding visual variety and for the viewers to have a laugh and reminisce about their past experiences.

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