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How to Manage a Video Production Company?

If you need a video made, there are various ways you can achieve this. You could, of course, handle it yourself.

Even though the technology has evolved quite a lot in the last couple of decades, if you do not have the relevant experience and skills, making even a simple video could take up a considerable amount of your time. That’s even if you can do it to the same professional standards a professional company would.

Which is why we would always recommend that you seek out the help of a video production company. If you are new to the experience of working with one, though, you may wonder how you work with one.

If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place as we look at some crucial tips to help you manage a video production company.

Have a Clear Purpose for Your Video?

Before you even enter into a contract with a video production company, you need to have a clear idea and purpose of why you are making the video in the first place. This is the most important piece of information a video production company needs.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who are you looking to target with the video? (Do they know your brand and what it’s all about or will this be the first time they learn anything about you and what you do?)
  • What is the purpose/call to action you are looking to communicate? (Whether you are looking to raise awareness for your brand or want to attract new sign-ups will have a bearing on the creative content of your video)
  • Where are you going to upload/publish the video? (A video designed for sharing on social media could be very different to one designed for your landing page)

When you have a clear purpose in mind for your video, you will be able to manage a video production company better and communicate what you require from them.

Make Sure You Have a Clear Vision From The Get-go

Further to the above, when you are trying to manage a video production company and get the results you want, it is important to get together with them and share what you are looking for. The video production company will then be able to share their creative visions or at least the formulations of ideas.

Communication is Crucial

With all business relationships, like relationships in general, communication is key. Therefore, communication is crucial if you want to manage a video production company successfully.

This means going above and beyond just speaking to them at the start when you accept their quote and at the end when you receive the finished work. You need to stay in contact with them throughout the process.

Although they may produce better work if you are not micro-managing you, if they are not interested in keeping you well-informed, it might be worth looking elsewhere.

Establish a Timeframe That Works for All Involved

Most video production companies will use the delivery date you give them to work backward from and establish a timeline for the creation of your video. It is important therefore when you manage a video production company that everyone involved is aware of the timeframe.

The more notice you can give a busy video production company the better, as it is not unusual for them to be working on more than one project at a time.

As part of the timeline, you need to establish milestones and allow time for you and your team to give the production company feedback on the video. They also need to factor in any setbacks they foresee that could disrupt progress and how they are going to work around it.

Although things might change along the way, having a timeframe you are all aiming for can help things stay on track.

Have An Open Mind

Remember, the reasons you are working with a video production company for a good reason. You want their expertise in their field and the fresh perspective they can give as outsiders looking at your product, service or brand.

Even if you have a strong brand identity established and know the direction you want to take your business and even the kind of video you think will work best, it won’t hurt to hear out their ideas, no matter how bold or unique they may be.

Be Fully Aware of Your Available Budget and The Restrictions it Sets

One of the first things you need to discuss with a video production company is your budget. They must know how much money you are willing to spend. This information will help them to ascertain whether your ideas or their ideas are feasible.

As you manage a video production company you should keep in mind the project management theory of the “triple constraint”. This theory states that although it’s best to balance cost, speed, and quality if any of those changes, it has a direct impact on the other elements.

For instance, if the deadline for your video is approaching fast and it needs to be finished in double-quick time, you are not going to be guaranteed the same high quality, unless you spend more money.

So, as you can’t have everything, you need to pick two of the following – cheap, good and fast.

Manage a Video Production Company in a nutshell

Although it may sound like hard work and a lot of stress, it should be relatively easy to manage a video production company.

If you establish clear lines of communication from the very beginning and everyone knows what is expected in a timeframe that everyone has agreed upon. Issues and problems are likely to come up along the way, but it’s how both parties deal with them that will make the whole process easier.

You need to remember that any great and reliable video production company is looking to achieve the same as you – a video you are proud to have associated with your company and brand.

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