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Leverage on (HO HO) holiday corporate videos to build brand presence!

Only a month to Christmas and the ho-ho-holiday season! Are you excited? This time of the year is magical and exciting – and that sells. If you haven’t already created holiday corporate videos for your brand, you should.

For some companies, this festive period means a well-deserved break and downtime but for others, it is a good opportunity to cash-in on the holiday spirit. It is common for marketing and sales teams to run festive campaigns that can help facilitate their buying decision.

Let us show you why and how you need corporate video production in Singapore.

Benefits you’ll reap from a holiday corporate video

Show that your brand is human-centric

Your customers and partners will be appreciative of holiday greetings without sales intent. A memorable holiday corporate video can go a long way, to show that your company is human and not a faceless corporation.

Marketers, you already know this – viewers want to relate to you, and being personal with them will give you an opportunity to grow.

Kickstart your sales funnel with a video marketing campaign

Holiday corporate videos can be your excuse to stamp your brand name onto customers’ social media feeds. Recently, the internet spoke out on how video advertising has become pervasive and intrusive – consumers feel overwhelmed and interrupted by digital ads.

With the festive season, consumers are known to be more accepting of promo videos – they have shopping to do and wouldn’t mind the spirit-lifting message that the videos bring.

Help your brand reconnect with your customers without feeling intrusive. In general, people are very open and appreciative towards holiday greetings without a sales intent.

Launch video marketing in general. In case you still haven’t tried promo video, it can be hard to find an appropriate topic to start your first campaign. Holidays can be a fun excuse to create your first “top of the funnel” marketing video.

Show your care for values beyond revenue. Your business doesn’t have to be a faceless corporation, just the opposite – customers and partners love when they know who’s behind the curtains, especially if they can relate to you personally.

Boost up your PR. One memorable holiday video can go a long way and even get viral. When was the last time you’ve seen a Christmas card shared all across the internet?

Build morale among your employees. If you decide to create an internal holiday greetings video, you can remind your team of their achievement and significant contribution. Or, you can encourage employees to take part in the video production themselves – a perfect scenario for team building and an excellent way to share the holiday spirit.

Holiday corporate videos you’ll wish you created

Here are some corporate videos that nailed the holiday spirit – they are not just worth a few minutes of your time for entertainment, they are also prime examples you should be inspired by!

Example: Bouygues Christmas 2018 Campaign

The Season’s Best Holiday Ad – Bouygues Christmas 2018 

Example: Apple

Share your gifts – Holiday campaign by Apple

Example: Tiffany & Co.

A Tiffany Holiday by Tiffany & Co.

Did these videos make you decide that your brand deserves one too? Hope you enjoyed these videos, have yourselves a very Merry Christmas!

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