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6 Videos a Museum in Singapore Needs

Every museum, no matter how big or small it is, needs compelling videos to keep the people coming back again and again. Having important artefacts or artworks may not be enough of a selling point, especially to those that are not aware of their significance. A museum in Singapore needs videos to tell its stories. A standard collection of informative videos is just not enough to keep visitors engaged, or to really understand the culture, history and significance of the exhibits. This article will cover the 6 videos every museum in Singapore needs.

museum singapore

6 Videos a Museum in Singapore Needs

1. Artist Profile

An artist profile video is a video that features a well-known artist and their experiences with art. These videos can be done in third-person or it can also be done with the artist themselves.

In this example by the Tate Museum, they profiled Yayoi Kusama. She talks about her past and how it has shaped her to become the artist that she is today. The video is also accompanied by curators who talked about how successful her artworks are.

A museum in Singapore can use these videos to focus on local Singaporean artists that have their artwork featured in specific museums.

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2. Art Feature

An art feature video is a video that features and analyses a specific piece of art. Usually, museums do these features on artworks that can be found in their own exhibits. This entices visitors to visit them so that they can see the artwork in person.

This example by the National Gallery in London features Christina of Denmark, which is in the National Gallery’s collection. You can create videos like the example where it is a recording of a talk done in front of the artwork itself. However, you can also have a video essay which just shows the artwork in a video and have a curator narrate their analysis.

These videos are perfect for featuring specific artworks that can only be found in a museum in Singapore. Creating this type of video can be what will push people to visit your museum and view that specific artwork.

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3. Walkthrough or Tour

A walkthrough or tour video is an exciting way for you to encourage people to visit your museum. These videos give viewers a glance of everything that your museum has to offer. Seeing so many impressive artworks virtually can be enough to push people to see them in person.

This example by the Van Gogh Museum is a virtual tour that is uploaded in 4K. This means that viewers get to see the artworks in great quality. The music that goes along with the tour also adds to the experience and the beauty that is seen in the paintings.

Walkthrough videos are great for a museum in Singapore because it gives viewers a chance to see what is being displayed in the museum. There might be specific exhibits or galleries people look for and if they see that you have it in your museum, they will want to go there immediately.

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4. How-to

A how-to video is great, especially for museums. These videos give you the chance to educate viewers about important artefacts and artworks. This can include teaching them how to emulate a certain artist’s style or even how to make the most out of the museum experience.

This example by the Museum of Modern Art in New York features one of MoMa’s conservators as he covers how to paint like Pablo Picasso. He starts by giving a brief overview of Picasso and cubism which is a technique that he was well-known for. After this, he performs the actual painting process along with directions on how to emulate Picasso’s style.

This can be an engaging video for your museum in Singapore because it lets people know how they can emulate art styles made by prominent artists.

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5. Interview

Interview videos are when a curator from a museum interviews an artist. It is great for having an in-depth conversation with the artist about their works. Since the questions come from a curator, this means that they will be profound and coming from a place of expertise. This allows the artist to truly be detailed with the breakdown of their work since the curator will likely understand what they are talking about.

For this example, Mika Yoshitake is a LACMA curator and is interviewing world-renowned artist Yoshitomo Nara. It is an extensive conversation which focuses on Nara’s story, inspirations, and working process for his works that were displayed in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

These video types are great as they allow a museum curator in Singapore to ask questions that are relevant to the artist, the museum, and even the viewers. It is a great way for people to have a comprehensive understanding about a certain artist and artwork.

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6. Q&A

A Q&A video for a museum mainly features and addresses the museum or the curators themselves. This is an opportunity for museums and specific curators to answer any questions that viewers will have about the museum or any artwork or artefact that they have.

For this example by the Tank Museum, one of their curators answer questions that are sent in by people on their social media accounts. The questions are mix of questions about tanks and even questions about the opinions of the curator like “What is your favourite tank?”.

These videos are effective for putting a spotlight on a museum and its curators. If you know that your museum has curators who are vivacious and willing to be in front of the camera, then Q&A videos are perfect for you. It is a great way to showcase someone’s personality while also engaging with people who can be encouraged to visit your museum.

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Hopefully, learning all about these 6 different types of museum videos will inspire your museum in Singapore to create your own. If you need help creating videos for your museum, then our team at fewStones can help you out.

We can help you create high-quality and engaging video content that will inform and entertain your viewers as well as push them to visit your own museum.

Whether you want to create live action videos, 2D animated videos, or 3D animated videos, our video experts will help you out. You can get a free instant quote on all of our corporate video services by clicking here.

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