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12 Jaw-Dropping Examples of Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is a unique and emerging form of art which offers a breathtaking bird’s eye view of our world. The rise of drones has led to more and more aerial photographers who take the most impressive aerial photographs. From bustling cities to majestic landscapes, aerial photographs give us a new perspective of the world around us. In this article, we will showcase 12 jaw-dropping examples of the best aerial photography that will leave you in awe.

Advancements in drone technology have provided photographers with new perspectives and opportunities on the field of aerial photography.

Drones have made aerial photography more accessible and budget-friendly for all types of photographers. They also offer more control to photographers with drone apps and by using smartphones as second monitors so they can capture perfect shots.

12 Jaw-Dropping Examples of Aerial Photography

1. Big Bang by Armand Sarlangue

aerial photography volcano

This is one of the best examples of aerial photography because it won photo of the year at the Drone Photo Awards in 2022. In the photo, a secondary fissure can be seen happening a few hundred metres from the main crater of Mount Fagradalsfjall during its last eruptive phase.

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2. Pink-Footed Geese Meeting the Winter by Terje Kolaas

aerial photograph birds

This photo was one of the best aerial photography examples of the year 2021. It depicts the scene of thousands of pink-footed geese who are on their way to Svalbard in the Arctics for their breeding. These geese usually use the same path which makes it easy for photographers to wait for them with a drone.

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3. Love Heart of Nature by Jim Picôt

photo heart sea

This photograph by Jim Picôt is one of the most unique aerial photography examples that you can find in nature. Taken during the winter, this photo reveals a shark that is swimming inside a school of salmon which is shaped exactly like a heart.

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4. Alien Structure on Earth by Tomasz Kowalski

aerial photography building view

Tomasz Kowalski’s Alien Structure on Earth is one of the most high-quality examples of aerial photography that focuses on urban architecture. It gives the viewers a different perspective on the Petronas Towers to make the skyscrapers feel strong and otherworldly.

Photo Link:

5. A Still Point in Time by Jay Roode

aerial flamingos

This photo shows a group of greater flamingos gracefully moving through Walvis Bay. This was taken by hand from a fixed-wing aircraft which flamingos would have usually noticed since they are highly sensitive to noise. However, the aircraft used was so quiet which allowed for the close-up shot.

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6. Rice Processing by Md Tanveer Hassan Rohan

rice processing photo

Rice Processing shows rice mill workers who are manually working under the sun in an open field in Dhamrai. They rake it out and sweep it back to make sure the dry process is done properly. The satisfying straight lines, the bright yellow colour, and the unique perspective of the workers make this one of the best examples of capturing people through aerial photography.

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7. Julier Snake by Roberto Moiola

aerial photograph julier

This photo captures a winding road towards the Julier pass in Switzerland. Even though the photo seems to be edited to have a plain white background, the pure white colour comes from the snow. The road also looks satisfying because it is perfectly cleaned.

Photo Link:

8. The Other Side of Sunrise by Larry Gunn

canyon photo shadow

Larry Gunn captured one of the most impressive examples of capturing natural landmarks through aerial photography. The photo depicts Shiprock which is a volcanic plug that stands out in the desert on Native American Navajo Tribal Lands. The lighting in the photo makes Shiprock stand out even more.

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9. Where Herons Live by Dmitrii Viliunov

aerial photography heron

Where Herons Live gives viewers a unique look into the lives of herons. They usually nest in large tree tops that no one can easily see. This photo gives us a better idea of herons’ nests and how they care for their offspring.

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10. Entrance to Another World by Laura Bennett

aerial photography canyon

This aerial photo of a rugged and remote canyon in Utah almost looks like a place you can find in movies or even on other planets. The way the light from the sunset hits the walls of the canyon makes it look surrealistic.

Photo Link:

11. Icesolated by Martin Sanchez

isolated house photo

Icesolated captures a small cabin that is all alone during one of the coldest winters in the United States. The photo’s only subject is this cabin in the middle of a frozen lake located in New Hampshire. The title is very appropriate because of how the cabin is just surrounded by a large area of ice and snow.

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12. Gray Whale Plays Pushing Tourists by Joseph Cheires

gray whale aerial photo

This photo is one of the best examples of aerial photography that involves animals. The photographer, Joseph Cheires, was told about a grey whale that plays with tourists and he wanted to capture it. The resulting shot is an incredible photo which features the appearance of the grey whale perfectly placed behind the tourists’ boat.

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Hopefully these 12 jaw-dropping examples of aerial photography will inspire you to try out aerial photography for your own business and marketing efforts.

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