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7 Industries That Most Benefit from 3D Virtual Tours

3D virtual tours are one of the newest and most innovative ways to promote your business. They are an immersive virtual experience that is the closest thing one can get to physically visiting a specific area. While they are effective, these virtual tours can be more beneficial to certain industries over others. This article will cover the 7 industries that can most benefit from offering 3D virtual tours along with 4 signs your business can benefit from these tours.

3d virtual tour property

4 Signs Your Business Can Benefit from 3D Virtual Tours

1. Your physical space is an important part of your business

Your business will need a 3D virtual tour if your physical space is a vital part of how your whole business operates. This space is what you rely on when it comes to performing everything related to your business.

If your own physical space makes a tangible difference in how your customers participate with your business, offering a 3D virtual tour can help you prompt that action.

2. Your customers want to learn more about your company’s space

Since your physical space is crucial to how your business operates, it is something that your customers will want to know more about. Usually, photos and videos can be enough to showcase your space and encourage people to visit.

However, these may not be enough nowadays since customers want to look at something that provides more tangible information. 3D virtual tours can provide them with this information so that they can learn all about your physical space without having to go there.

3. You want to create more dynamic media

In today’s digital environment, every business should do their best to stand out among the many competitors in their industry. The best way to do this is by relying less on static media like photos and more on dynamic media like virtual tours.

3D virtual tours offer an element of dynamic content that you can share on your website and on social media. This is because it is an interactive and immersive experience for your customers.

4. You want to convert attention and engagement into leads and sales

While virtual tours are great in getting the attention of your target audience, it should not end there. What will make your virtual tours successful is when they are able to convert attention into actual leads and sales for your business.

To make sure that your virtual tours can convert, you should have direct and indirect call-to-action prompts for your customers.

Indirect prompts are visuals or links that urge them to take the next step while direct prompts are buttons which are placed strategically according to the most natural next steps. This prompt will actually lead to a conversion.

7 Industries That Most Benefit from 3D Virtual Tours

1. Real Estate

real estate industry

3D virtual tours are perfect for the real estate industry because of the great benefits and value it gives to real estate sellers.

These tours not only show off the properties in an exquisite and immersive manner, but they also make it more accessible for anyone around the world to view your property without physically going there.

Any potential customer from around the world can view the property listing anytime. This can save a lot of time and money for both sales agents and potential customers.

For example, if a potential home buyer lives in the Philippines but wants to look for potential homes in Singapore, they can just simply view the 3D virtual tour of the property.

2. Education

education industry

The education industry can greatly benefit from 3D virtual tours in a number of ways. Firstly, virtual tours can be a great way for universities to attract incoming college students.

For those that may live too far away, they can just take a virtual tour of the campus and its facilities from their home. This gives them a better idea of what the university offers even before they actually visit.

Another way 3D virtual tours can impact the education industry is by having immersive experiences for students in the classroom.

You can have virtual field trips to places, past or present, that people can not just simply visit physically. This makes learning more innovative, fun, and memorable to all types of students.

3. Automotive

automotive industry

3D virtual tours are great for the automotive industry because they can help customers decide which specific car dealership they can visit to buy the new car that they want.

If a car dealership provides customers with all of the valuable information about their specific branch and the cars itself, more customers will visit them.

A 3D virtual tour of the dealership that includes the car that you want lets you check out the car in all types of views and angles. You can even see what colours are available for the model that you want.

This becomes a much more convenient experience for customers as they get to gather valuable information even before talking to a sales rep. Once they visit the physical dealership, all they need to do is ask for the car that they want.

4. Hospitality

hospitality industry

The hospitality industry can use 3D virtual tours to make it easier for potential customers and event companies to view event venues without having to physically visit.

This allows everyone to be more knowledgeable about the major areas of the venue. They get to know about where these areas are and if they are big enough for the event that you are planning.

The tours will make everyone more comfortable with the venue when they eventually visit to plan everything out as well as carrying out the actual event itself.

5. Sports

sports industry

In live sports, the venue itself is just as important as the game that’s being played. It can feel like a totally different experience if you’re watching at a local stadium compared to watching something in Madison Square Garden.

3D virtual tours can also have an impact on the sports industry by having tours for specific sporting venues. For example, you can take a virtual tour of the venue so you can get a better idea of where you would want to sit.

The virtual tour will also give you an idea of how far the game will be from a specific seating area. Knowing this is important so that you can set your expectations even without having to go to the arena.

6. Healthcare

healthcare industry

This may be a bit surprising, but the healthcare industry can also greatly benefit from offering 3D virtual tours to potential customers. If you or any of your family members have to be admitted to a hospital, you might as well be familiar with how the whole place looks.

If a hospital’s 3D virtual tour immediately shows up on search, you can easily find out what facilities and rooms they have. This helps you choose what is best for you and your family in terms of healthcare.

7. Retail

retail industry

Whether it is a shopping mall, brick and mortar store, or even just a local shop, retail is a great opportunity for 3D virtual tours to succeed. This is especially true now that there is an emphasis on letting people know about a mall or a store online through a quick search.

Virtual tours can give potential customers a unique way to view their business and their products immediately. 

This helps them get what they want as soon as they get there instead of having to wander around and check if a specific store or item is available.

If you are involved in these industries, you should seize the opportunity to create your own 3D virtual tours to stand out among your other competitors.

If you are interested in providing 3D virtual tours for your company that falls under any of these industries, then our team at fewStones can help you out. You can get a free instant quote for our 3D virtual tour services by clicking here.

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