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7 Hair and Makeup Tips For Headshot Sessions

Photoshoot sessions for your company headshots are one of the most important days of the year because you will have to look and feel your best so that you can have great headshots that your company will use on all of their websites and profiles. While you may feel nervous in front of the camera, this shouldn’t be the case if you are prepared. This article will give you all the important hair and makeup tips you will need to make sure that you look your best for your headshot along with why your company should have them.

4 Reasons Why You Should Have Headshots For Your Company

1. Headshots are the best way to portray the image of your company and employees.

When everyone in your company has their own personal headshots, it is a great way to show who you are as a whole group and even as an individual.

Your website will look bland and lack any sort of brand identity when it does not contain headshots of your employees because visitors will not see the human side of your business.

This situation can make it difficult for you to build up or maintain your reputation. You need headshots so that customers can have a better idea of who you are and who they will communicate with in the future.

2. Headshots make your company look more relatable to potential customers and clients.

Having company headshots make it easier for potential clients and customers who personally don’t know you to agree to conversations and even meetings with you. This is because they can get an idea of who they will talk to before meeting up in person.

Face-to-face conversations and interactions become a lot more relaxed and comfortable because you have already posted your employee’s headshot online and interested clients will know what you will like.

Headshots are an effective tool that will not only reveal the professional side of your employees, but even their personal side which makes them more relatable to customers and clients.

3. Great headshots can draw online visitors to your services or products.

Businesses treat first impressions as an interaction that is crucial because this can make or break a relationship with a customer.

Since one of the most common places to impress potential customers is through your website, you will have to make the most of their visit with your headshots.

No matter how well-designed or detailed your website may be, it will not feel as engaging as a website that includes professional headshots of their employees. This is especially true when these customers want to learn more about your company as a whole.

4. Your company is able to maintain trust and relevance through high quality headshots.

Regardless of what type of industry you operate in, one of the most important things your company has to do is to prove to customers that they should trust you over your competitors.

When you proudly display the headshots of all of your employees, you get to make them feel more comfortable by getting to know what they look like and even a bit of information about their personality.

When your employees get to be their authentic selves in their headshot, customers will be more likely to trust them and keep your company in mind. To make sure they look their best, they can follow all of the hair and makeup tips that will be discussed below.

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7 Hair and Makeup Tips to Give You The Best Headshots

1. Remember to plan ahead for your headshot photoshoot.

Your headshots will usually be scheduled well in advance so you should take advantage of knowing when it will take place.

This means you should start planning about how you should approach it four or five days in advance. This is when you finalise what you want to look like in your headshot.

You can schedule all the important maintenance tasks for your photo like shaving, whitening your teeth, shaping your eyebrows and having your hair trimmed during this time.

You should avoid doing any major grooming the day before or the day of your shoot as this may end up making you look completely different.

2. Focus on your skincare one week before the shoot.

An important factor of looking your best is having a great skincare routine. When you have great skin, the makeup that you will use on top of your skin will look even much better.

If you are dealing with random blemishes, dry skin, or uneven skin tone, drink even more water one week before your photoshoot date. Being hydrated can help you minimise pores, brighten skin tone, and have a general positive impact on your skin.

Focusing on skincare will make it a lot easier for you to choose great makeup and for this makeup to apply more beautifully on your skin.

Here is an article that gives some skincare tips before a photoshoot: http://michellenicholsphotography.com/how-to-prep-your-skin-before-a-photoshoot/

3. Simplify the use of makeup.

The main makeup tip you want to remember when applying makeup for your headshot is that it should be as close as possible to your everyday appearance.

For eye-liners and eyeshadows, it is best to apply them lightly and to just use neutral colors. If you want to try colored shadows, you can just try them midway through your photoshoot so you can have a variety of looks.

You should also avoid using makeup with an SPF as they can make your skin too reflective for studio lights. You would not want to have your face look too shiny for your headshot.

4. Choose makeup that elevates your natural look.

When you think about the makeup that you will use for your headshot, you should strongly consider how much makeup you actually use on a daily basis when you go to the office.

If you don’t use a lot of makeup normally, it doesn’t really make any sense for you to wear a lot of it during your headshots.

Find the type of makeup that can elevate your natural look without it being too noticeable in front of the camera. You will want to show customers and clients how you would normally look in a more pleasing manner.

5. Stick to hairstyles that you normally have or tried before.

One of the hair and makeup tips that you should remember for your headshot is that you must make sure to play it safe and choose something that people have normally seen you in.

It’s too risky to try out something you have never done before and especially if it’s a hairstyle you will not end up using a lot.

Stick to styles that look great, work well, and are comfortable for you. Your headshot will look a lot better when you choose a hairstyle that is a natural and authentic representation of who you are, as a person.

6. Wash your hair the night before and keep it knot-free.

It is important that you take good care of your hair before the photoshoot. You should wash it the night before so that you keep your hair clean and neat.

This is not just healthier for your hair but it also allows you to avoid any pre-shoot stress by not rushing around to dry and style your hair right before the shoot.

You will also need to keep your hair knot-free by keeping it straight at all times right before your shoot. You can even bring a brush to keep it tidy right before you have your photo taken.

7. Use hairspray or other hair products to control any frizz or flyaways.

In the event that some parts of your hair are not cooperating as you would like, there should be hairspray or other hair products that will sort you out.

You don’t need to use too much of your product right away, just a light spray of hairspray can help keep things in place. This light spray can make your hair as perfect as it can be to make you feel even more confident.

Hopefully, all of these hair and makeup tips will help you feel more prepared and confident once you have your headshot taken.

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