Frequently Asked Questions

Why fewStones?

We have created more than 600 videos for clients in and outside of Singapore. We are YouTube certified and have 8 years of expertise, so be relieved to know that you’re in good hands!

Do you offer video production outside of Singapore?

Please contact us, we’ll be happy to discuss in detail.

Do you offer translation services for my corporate videos?

Yes, we can provide translation in other languages to cater to your market.

What other services do you offer?

We can help you with video production from ideation to final delivery. This includes services like conceptualisation, scripting, storyboarding, translation, voiceovers, video marketing and more.

Can I engage you for post-production services?

Yes, we provide post-production services.
Contact us for more information.

How many rounds of revisions will I have?

All our quotations include 2 rounds of revisions for each stage of production.
This may be altered depending on your project scope.
Contact us to learn more, we’ll be happy to discuss.

After the creation of my video, what else can you do for me?

We can create cut-down versions of your videos for multi-platform use.
Apart from these versions, we can help you with video marketing too.
Learn more about video marketing.

How do you provide an Instant Quote?

Based on our experience and expertise in video production, we can let you know the cost of your video based on the style, duration of the video and other additional services that you require.

Hello there! Have a video project in mind? Speak to us about your video requirements now. :)
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