Frequently Asked Questions

We have created more than 700 videos for clients in and outside of Singapore. We are YouTube certified and have 9 years of expertise, so be relieved to know that you’re in good hands!

Absolutely, our video production services are available outside of Singapore. 
Please send us an Instant Quote, we’ll be happy more to discuss in detail.

Yes, definitely. Head to our different services’ pages to watch some videos that we’ve completed for different clients of different industries:
–  Live action videos
2D animation videos
3D animation videos
You may also watch our demoreel on YouTube

If you’ll like to see more of a certain type for video production, please contact us

Corporate videography is the production of different types of videos used for internal or external corporate communication. The most distinguishing thing about corporate videography is that it targets specific audiences as opposed to being open to the general public.

Corporate videography can be aimed at presenting financial results, showcasing a new initiative, or employee training. When done well, videos can greatly increase business engagement with the target audience and strengthen brand.

Yes, we can write a script for you as an optional service.
If you plan on writing one on your own, check out fewStones’ very own guide to corporate video scriptwriting.

Yes, we can provide translation in other languages to cater to your market.

We can help you with video production from ideation to final delivery. 
This includes services like conceptualisation, scripting, storyboarding, translation, voiceovers, video marketing and more.

Yes, we offer location scouting and casting of talents as a service too! Based on our experience, we have provided these services and partnered with many agencies to offer you competitive rates.

Yes, we provide post-production services. 
Contact us for more information.

All our quotations include 2 rounds of revisions for each stage of production.
This may be altered depending on your project scope and the initial agreement.
Contact us if you have any questions regarding the amount of revisions you need.

Before the final delivery of your videos, we can create cut-down versions of your videos for multi-platform use, such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Quora, Reddit and more. Apart from creating these shorter versions, we can help you with video marketing – managing your YouTube channel, optimising for video SEO and running ad campaigns for videos.
Learn more about video marketing in Singapore with us!

By default, you will receive a .mp4 format that is commonly used amongst corporate video production in Singapore. Depending on your requirements, we can encode the video in other formats that you need, for example: .mov or .mp4

Based on our experience and expertise in video production, we can let you know the cost of your video based on the style, duration of the video and other additional services that you require – such as subtitles, voiceover, translation, formats and more. 

Let us help you talk through your video production and marketing journey. You may contact us here and let us know how we can help you understand better. 

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