Make learning a great experience

Custom educational videos, leveraging AI

Tailored training videos brought to a new level

We leverage AI and technology to make your content more engaging and impactful. Replace the old with the new.

Boost Engagement

Interactive video content will make your viewers more engaged by answering Q&A questions after being presented with the facts.

Improve learning experience

Best practices to make it easier for viewers to retain the messages.

Cost effective and time saving

Effective tutorials save time for you and your users at a great ROI. Replace face to face learning.

Ensure compliance

Mandatory information made easy to consume and digest.

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We adapt to your budget with multiple options

We can create videos for you the traditional way but we also go beyond that by combining the latest technologies.


We film you on-site

Advanced animations

Affordable while keeping quality

Remote recording & screencasts

Simple animations through the use of infographics/typography

AI generated videos Virtual avatars and AI voice over

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Types of interactive videos


Empower learners with personalised, non-linear learning paths, allowing them to choose their own unique educational journey.


Assess knowledge interactively with immediate feedback through multiple-choice, true/false, and open-ended questions.

Drag and Drop

Engage learners with interactive tasks: drag objects onto targets and promote active participation in sorting, matching, and categorizing activities.

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Quality is always our priority

• Dedicated instructional learning designer
• Make bite-size videos engaging
• Creative and interactive
• Convert your existing content
• Create a completely new programme

By the way, did we mention some of the options available to you?

• Unlimited changes
• Unlimited updates
• Interactive features
• Scorm & LMS ready
• Localisation – Professional VO or AI VO.

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Still wondering how fewStones is different?

Creating videos since 2011

Extensive track record and happy clients

AI and tech experts

Expert Learning Designer

Partner of eLearning platforms

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Frequently Asked Questions

Video production refers to the process of creating a video. The process starts with conceptualisation, understanding your needs, goals and objectives for the video. Then, depending on the types of video you would like to create, the process varies. Live action, 2D and 3D animation videos all have different video production processes.

Research has shown that videos help increase customer engagement, retention and conversion rate. People will remember your message more if it’s delivered in a video as compared to plain text or static images. Search engines and social media platforms are also pushing video content more. If you need the statistics, we have an article about video marketing trends here.

Creating a video is complicated and time consuming. If you need a professional corporate video or event live streaming, it’s best to engage a Singapore Video Production company like fewStones to ensure the best result. Our video agency already has the experts, knowledge, know-how and the equipment to create high-quality videos. If you need help with sourcing talent or locations for your project, we can also help you to cast the right actors and space for your live action videos. We have also worked with various clients and can bring creativity and expertise to help you achieve your objectives.

The cost varies depending on the scale of the project, the type of video you want to create as well as the timeline. A good video production agency will need to understand your unique needs before providing a quotation. Contact us to discuss your video project and get an instant quote!

We are based in Singapore and have been producing videos since 2011. fewStones is one of the leading video production agencies in Singapore. We are trusted by over 500 clients, from start-ups to large corporations. Some of our clients include: Singtel, Zendesk, Great Eastern, FWD, Mediacorp, Singapore Airlines, Yamaha, Samsung and the likes.

More than just a Singapore video production agency, we are your reliable partner who wants to help you achieve your business goals with videos. We are responsive, collaborative and flexible! fewStones is also a Youtube certified video agency.

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