Product Photography Singapore

fewStones may be all you need to make your product stand out from the competition!

If you give your product the respect it deserves, you’ll increase your profits and engage customers. This can also provide credibility and a professional image to your company. Our fewStones photographers showcase your product in its best angle. During the photo shoot, your product will be placed in its ideal light and photographed from its optimal perspective.

Why should you work with fewStones?

Skilled and Experienced Product Photographers in Singapore

With over 10 years of experience, we are trusted by international and local clients like Tride Watch, Respiree, and more.

We Cover a Wide Variety of Product Photography Singapore

fewStones can help you bring the most out of your product ranging from jewelry, bags & luggage, clothing, toys & kids' items, advertising & social media, cosmetics & skincare, fashion accessories & footwear, electronics & computers, industrial, fashion to furniture & homeware.

A picture speaks a thousand words about your product

A high-quality image provides the pattern, color, and style, as well as the shape, and the quality of your product at a glance. At fewStones, we relay your message and create a compelling story in every product image we take. Book your session today by speaking with us!

Why is Product Photography Important For Your Brand?

Highlight your product value
A good design and a professional photographer can affect whether people think your product to be expensive or cheap. It could also influence the price they are willing to spend for it.

Establish brand credibility
It is important to convince your audience that you’re highly competent and they have the confidence to consider your company or your product.

Strengthen product marketing
It is essential to have professional product photography as a highly effective marketing tool. Make sure that your image makes an impact and generates an urge to purchase.

Drive engagement
Good photography can boost the engagement of social media as well as other channels. It stops people from scrolling browse because they are eager to interact with your photograph.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, EXCEPT for products that:

  • Are illegal to sell in Singapore.
  • Are illegal to ship in Singapore.
  • Are greater than seven feet on the longest side
  • Require any special training in handling (i.e. no hazardous materials, etc).

We do shoot larger and heavier products but these should be photographed at your workplace or in a location you have set up.

Our typical turnaround time is around two weeks (7-10 working days). Three-day, five-day, and front-of-queue rushes are available for an additional charge.

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