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Video is an excellent way to market insurance products and services. The impact that videos leave on the audience is more striking compared to other types of marketing.

For many people, insurance seems to be a complex subject. That is why insurance companies and agents are adapting to a more modern and digital-based marketing strategy. There are lots of ways you can utilize videos in the insurance industry. You can start off with a welcome video to introduce your company, products and services, and yourself! Create client testimonials and live streaming to establish a personal approach. Break down complex topics like claims processes through explainer videos. And to top the list, personalised videos are proven effective in this industry!

Are you thinking about adding a video marketing strategy to your marketing plan? At fewStones, we help you launch your video marketing strategies. We help industries like yours from ideation to final edit. Contact fewStones today.

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9 Benefits of Using Videos for the Insurance Industry

  • Personalisation works well in insurance industry
  • Provides answers that people want
  • Explain a claims process in a video
  • Makes your agency more noticeable
  • Breaks down insurance techy explanation
  • Increase customers retention in no time
  • Brings out your personality and credibility
  • Incredibly shareable content
  • Immersive response from customers

Types of Insurance Videos

  • Personalised Videos for Prospects
  • Video Ads & Video Retargeting
  • Tutorial Screencasts
  • Explainer Videos
  • 2D & 3D Animation videos
  • Live Action Videos
  • Interactive Videos
  • Client Reviews & Testimonial Videos

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