Lead Generation from LinkedIn

Do you need more leads for your business?


Lead Generation from LinkedIn

Do you need more leads for your business?

We help you generate leads from LinkedIn. We do all the work manually that you don’t have the time to do to expand your network through outreach and get more leads on an on-going basis. Satisfaction guaranteed.

What you can expect

Qualified leads on an on-going basis.
Growing your LinkedIn network and authority.
A network of connections you can contact again and see your posts.

How it works

  • We work with you to identify your perfect prospects on LinkedIn.
  • We help you optimise your profile for this audience.
  •  We craft the perfect messages to contact them.
  • We help you grow your connections on a daily basis, all done manually.
  • We report to you on interested leads so you can follow up for sales.

Who we are

We are a digital marketing agency founded in Singapore in 2011. We having been using LinkedIn marketing and outreach effectively for years for ourselves and some selected clients.
We are now offering this services to other companies.

I have been using Gwacamol’s LinkedIn outreach services for two years and it brings me an additional reliable source of leads that convert well into customers for our video production services.
Bryony Allen
General Manager, FewStones

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Frequently Asked Questions for

What is a live-action video?

Any video that requires a camera for filming, is a live-action video.
A live-action video refers to cinematography or videography that records real-life objects, landscapes or people.

If I do not have a script, can you create one for me?

Yes, we can create a script for you.
Alternatively, you can check out our guide on how to do create your own corporate video script.

Do you offer translation services for my corporate video?

Yes, we are able to translate your video into other languages that cater to your target market.

Will you be able to source for location and talents / models for my corporate video?

Yes, we can scout locations and cast talents as a service, if your video requires them. We have been providing these services, and with our partnerships with many stakeholders to offer you competitive rates.

I already have the video footage, will you be able to help me with post-editing?

Yes, if you already have the raw or old footages, we can help you with post-production.

How many rounds of revisions will I get?

In all our videos, we offer a standard set of 2 revisions per video. It can, be altered based on your requirements.

What format will I receive my videos in?

You will receive .mp4 formats by default. This is a format that is commonly used amongst corporate video production in Singapore. We can definitely encode the video in other formats that you need (like .mov), depending on your requirements.

I have other questions, who should I contact?

Let us help you talk through your video production and marketing journey. You may contact us here and let us know how we can help you understand better. 

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